Comfort Keepers – Kingsport, TN

I long, as does every human being, to be at home wherever I find myself. – Maya Angelou

Eldercare is becoming more valuable each year.  Aging parents need assistance that families can sometimes not provide.  This is where Comfort Keepers steps up to the plate.

Aging is inevitable. Nothing we do can stop the pull of time. 2011 Baby Boomers came of age. The post World War II babies grew, matured and now are turning 65. Not only are Baby Boomers turning 65 but they are now the generation caught between their own retirement and caring for their aging parents. Modern medicine has extended our health and the elderly are living far beyond those of yesteryear. Now, their care is a rising issue.

More and more Americans choose to remain in their current home communities, preferring to “age in place.” Contrary to popular belief, only a small minority move to warmer climates at retirement and fewer than five percent reside in nursing homes. As one client recently stated in a note, “certainly makes quality of life easier for me.”

Medical statistics show seniors allowed to remain at home fair better overall. Their overall quality of life is happier, and though health issues may arise, recovery progresses faster in their own homes. But the question remains, “Is living at home really safe?”
In some cases, no. However, with assistance from professionally trained caregivers, seniors can not only remain in their home but thrive there. “Comfort Keepers’ signature philosophy of interactive caregiving takes a holistic approach to care that allows for integrating the physical, mental and emotional health of each client, enhancing quality of care,” says Linda Bambino, owner of Comfort Keepers.

“As the continuing care of our aging adults increase, the need for individuals trained in “tender-care” climbs. There is security in trusting the day-to-day needs of family members to individuals who are well trained and caring.”

Linda Bambino, owner, Wendy Smith, Donna Baker, and Cindy Sproles

Linda Bambino, owner, Wendy Smith, Donna Baker, and Cindy Sproles

According to Bambino, “many people do not feel they can afford these types of home care services but there are programs out there if you have the time and patience to pursue them.” Many veterans do not realize they may be entitled to veterans pensions or qualify for Aid and Attendance. Many retire from their places of employment and may have long term care insurance benefits. Other financial institutes offer additional funds for the homeowner such as a reverse mortgages. Other state and community based programs are available for those who qualify.

Comfort Keepers strive to employ individuals with a passion and love for the elderly. The agency remains diligent to provide clients with the highest quality of life and dignity achievable during their golden years. By providing individuals assistance with the basics of life, such as light housekeeping, laundry, meal preparation and daily living skills, the key desires of seniors to remain at home in an environment where they are safe and happy becomes a reality.

The standard of Comfort Keepers of Kingsport reaches deep into the heart and belief of our staff who believe the care industry is not only grounded in integrity but love and compassion. “Our offices function on strong ethics and honesty and we search for those same qualities in our employees.”

Hundreds of families entrust the care of their loved ones to Comfort Keepers. Individuals may contact Comfort Keepers for a free in-home assessment and guidance on quality in-home care for their family members.
We believe in preserving senior’s desire to do what they want, by helping our elders remain happy and at home. Visit us at our offices at 1134A Moreland Drive, Kingsport, TN or call 423-246-0100.

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